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  Press Release: 15 February 2010     Launch of AMERICAN TOPNOTCH Brand

Global Agro Commodities, A leading exporter of U.S. Pulses has expanded its capability to supply premium U.S. Pulses all the way from farm to retail stores, hyper markets, cash’n’carry stores all over India with its launch of premium Pulses under the brand name of American Topnotch for Peas & Lentils (Healthier Dals), the company will sell retail packaged premium pulses – Green Peas, Chickpeas, & Lentil Splits known as Yellow Dal.                                                                                                                       ...Read more

  Press Release: on 18th February 2011
Global Agro Commodities, a Dallas based high quality exporter of Peas & Lentils to Europe and Asia has just signed an agreement with one of the leading retail-chain run by mega Indian corporate group in India to launch its premium quality branded U.S. Peas & Lentils (Also known as Pulses).                                                                                                                       ...Read more
  Cooking demo : 18 February 2012
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